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Grand  Lodge  of  Thanet

Above is the present Grand Archdruid Brother Frank Evans


Grand Lodge No 2 Thanet

The Grand Lodge was the provincial Grand Lodge of the Order and is still operating with it’s original Four Lodges.


It is in fact the only Grand Lodge which is still operating with

it’s original Lodges even though one closed for the war years

and reopened. It was opened in 1896 and held it’s meetings

at the “Fort Restaurant”, in Margate.


The Lodge is now in the permanent home of Druidism in

Thanet at “Unity House “ Percy Road, Cliftonville.

Meetings are held on the third Friday in every month.


The Lodge house in Percy Road, Cliftonville  was opened in 1969 and was a joint fund raising effort of the Lodges and with the help of a loan from Imperial Grand Lodge, the premises were bought and opened as the Thanet Society of Druids.

This provided a permanent home for Druids in Thanet. The ground floor consists of a club room and bar for the use of members and the First floor holds the meeting room.


The Lodge now holds a small museum of artifacts and other items from past years  including medals photographs and other items of interest and is open for members of the public

to view


Over many years many local charities and  organizations have benefited from our charity raising efforts and we will continue to do so as long  as we are a part of the Thanet Community

If you have a spare night and would like to help us in our efforts why not come along to Unity House one evening and take a look you may well be surprised at the friendly atmosphere and no television sets


Or contact one of the secretaries listed below or phone 01843 226760






Brothers passed away 2011

Brother D Boyd


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During 2013 we had a visit from six Brothers from Erken Lodge Norway. Brother Lawrence Ellefsen was made a Past Archdruid of Grand Lodge. Once again a very successful visit. We also had a visit fro Brother John-Ture Karllson from Sweden who brought some ideas on recruitment


Brother R Letley

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